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Brites & Brites, Lda
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About Us


  • Scope

    Our company operates in the provision of national and international carriage of goods for hire or reward services, ensuring its customers a complete and effective service in the distribution of its products.

  • Practice

    The company is governed by criteria of control and responsibility in general cargo and cargo of perishable products at a controlled temperature , always aiming to achieve good results in customer satisfaction, maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Sustainability

    In service delivery is a priority to guarantee the protection and safety of persons, the customer's environment and goods environment, and compliance with legislation and regulations applicable.

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Brites & Brites has implemented the certificates:
QS - Quality scheme for food no 4031735261790
QS - location numbers no GH00001548
Food Security: HACCP System according with Regulation (CE) n.o 852/2004 of April 29.


The company has express service with the following options:
Double floor
Certificated transport for pharmaceutical products

Storage and Logistics

Store service , delivery and logistics.



A modern fleet on your service.

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Head office:
2350-471 Torres Novas

Branch and Warehouse:
Zona Industrial de Vale Tripeiro, Centro Industrial de Benavente
2130-354 Benavente

Branch and Warehouse:
Zona Industrial de Zibreira
2350-839 Zibreira

Phone: 00351 249155878
Fax: 00351 249094843
Mobile 00351 913821475